Expression of Interest

Expressions of Interest Invited from Members of PWHS to have input into the revision of PWHS Rule Book

Are you interested  in contributing to a process to review the Rule Book that governs PWHS?  Are you also interested in Aboriginal health and the way in which your health service can serve and represent our people?  If so, read on..

The PWHS Board of Directors recently resolved to embark on a significant body of governance related work concerning the Corporation’s Rule Book.  The Rule Book was written in 2015 using a standard ORIC template.    It has provided the Corporation with a set of Rules to assist with the day to day governance functions but there are times when some rules have meant that the organisation is not as agile or flexible as it needs to be.  Changes to the Rule Book must be endorsed at a general meeting.  The AGM will be held on 25 November and between now and then, some work is required to ensure members are involved in an open and transparent process to ensure the successful adoption of a new Rule Book.

The Board of Directors endorsed the formation of a small working group that has representation of members from within Pika Wiya’s catchment area, a Board member and a staff member.  The Board determined a process for considering expressions of interest in order to from the working group.

Interested?  If so, take a moment to read on.

What exactly will the working group do?

The Terms of Reference (available here) explain and describe the nature of the activity around this Working Group.

What will I be committing to?

Attendance at two full day workshops in August and September and then also coming along to the AGM on 24 November when members of PWHS will vote on the adoption of the new Rule Book.

How do I submit my expression of interest?

Download a copy of the EOI form from the PWHS website, or complete the form below or call into PWHS to get a copy.  Copies of the form are also available at our outreach clinics and in remote communities. Complete the EOI and submit it by close of business on Friday 11 June 2020.

When will I hear if my EOI has been successful?

You will receive advice soon after the June meeting of the Board of Directors when it meets to consider all EOIs received .

Can I still provide feedback if my EOI is not successful?

Yes – definitely !  – we will be seeking feedback in the following ways:

  1. Verbal – you can telephone us or speak to a Board Director
  2. Website – on line form
  3. Email – direct to

If you have enthusiasm and availability for this activity, then please complete the EOI form and send it back to us as soon as possible  EOI’s close on Friday 11 June at 5.00 pm.

Aileen Shannon

On behalf of the Board of Directors


Cherrie Glasson
Chief Executive Officer

Submit your Suggestions

Submit your suggestions and feedback on changes/review of the Rule Book” (the review group will take into consideration feedback received from members)

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